As an artist I am interested in architecture and the process of creating structures. I focus on the way structures of any kind, influence the way individuals and groups engage with and move within them. The physicality of architectural and building materials are a major part of my artistic practice and how the properties of each material can be combined. I am interested in the idea of structures as templates for viewing or experience such as the ordering of scenes in T.V. /film or in the way corridors lead to rooms and spaces in buildings. The decisions of how to structure these spaces influence how people move, interact and think within them. As a person I am interested in how we perceive the world and structure our experience within it, how do we view space as a concept and what ways do we move through it (physically/digitally). How much do exterior objects influence the what/how we see and what ways do we perceive ourselves in relation.

These two lines combine and lead me to create work which tries to engage viewers to interact with space and structures. I deconstruct and recombine materials to create works that highlight their making, championing the mechanics of making and the notions of structural phenomena. My works seek to make obvious the interaction between viewer and work, making the viewer an engager rather than an observer. Wood, plaster, Perspex, steel, paint and the use of projection mapping are the major tools/materials I use to create works. The works range from large scale installations and sculptures, to paintings, performance and drawings. A major part of my larger works and sculptures are the engagement of the viewer. The work becomes performative and generally aren’t complete until there is an experience created, which is where the work really exists for me.

I want to look at how people interact with structures at every level, how they act and react with them, how they bend these structures or themselves to navigate them. I also want to know how altering already existing structures and seeing people struggle to interact in their usual contexts or learned behaviours.